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Child’s age: 1,5 – 2 years

Today I want to share with you two of our favourite toddler books, each of them is read several times a day by my almost 2 years old son (and me).

“Bus Stops” and “My friends” are written and illustrated by Taro Gomi – one of Japan’s most prolific children’s book illustrators. Stories are simple and illustrations are just brillant. To be honest I’d love to have several of these illustrations printed and framed in my living room.   Taro Gomi - Bus Stopsvia   Taro Gomi - Bus Stops
via   Taro Gomi - Bus Stopsvia   Taro Gomi - My Friendsvia   Taro Gomi - My Friendsvia   Taro Gomi - My Friendsvia


Here in Europe spring is in the air! I have plants and light on my mind these day, so here is a perfect artist – Ashley Bram-Johnson from ABJ Glassworks studio based in Philadelphia, PA.

Working to create whimsical and modern pieces for the home using traditional stained glass techniques, and inspired by the nuances of light throughout the day and the changing of the seasons (source)

Here are some of terrariums and jewelry boxes by ABJ Glassworks:   ABJ glassworks - Terra Planter   ABJ glassworks - Atlas Planter   ABJ glassworks - Earth Terrarium Kit   ABJ glassworks - planters See more…

If you haven’t seen Ariele Alasko’s wood work yet, you definitely should! I must tell you I adore this girl. Whatever she put her hands on turns out beautifully…

She makes wide range of incredible big scale wood work – tables, headboards, wall panels and smaller stuff like cutting boards and wooden spoons. But if she needs something special (or her beloved dog or cat needs it), she just make it – a teepee for her dog and smaller one for cat, a sweater for her dog, hand printed chair upholstery, you name it…

Some new work which I love:

Ariele Alasko - new work

Wall made of eucalyptus leaves:

Ariele Alasko - eucalyptus leaf wall

Ariele Alasko - table

Ariele Alasko - wall panels

See more…

Julian Trevelyan is another British painter I admire. Privately a husband of Mary Fedden, it’s interesting to watch how they have influenced each other.   Julian Trevelyan - Winter

Julian Trevelyan – Winter   Julian Trevelyan - Chiswick Mall

Julian Trevelyan – Chiswick Mall   Julian Trevelyan - West Wind

Julian Trevelyan – West Wind   Julian Trevelyan - Marseilles

Julian Trevelyan – Marseilles   Julian Trevelyan - Chiswick Eyot

Julian Trevelyan – Chiswick Eyot


You can see more paintings by this artist on my Pinterest board. All images via Tate.

It’s been a long time since my last post! I wanted to concentrate on my own artistic work recently and together with winter-sicknesses period and lack of computer at home it generated much longer break than I planned.

Today I want to share with you first watercolor illustration in a new series I’m working on – my favourite recipes. Print is available in my Etsy shop. - Lemon Pickles

Here is the recipe – it’s really easy and delicious but you have to wait for 2-3 weeks until they are ready.

LEMON PICKLES (circa 1l jar)

* 5 lemons

* salt

* olive oil (extra virgine)

* a few cloves of garlic

* a few parsley leaves

* red chili pepper

Wash the lemons carefully in warm water. Slice them on circa 5 mm (0.2 inch) pieces. Put the lemons on a plate in layers.Sprinkle each layer with salt generously. Put away for 24 hours.

Towel dry the lemons. Put into a jar. Stick slices of chili, garlic and parsley leaves. Cover with olive oil entirely. Tilt the jar gently to let the air bubbles go.

Wait for 2-3 weeks.

When all lemons are eaten you can use the oil for salad dressings or rosting meet.

Bon apetit!