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Child’s age: 1.5 – 3 years old

One of our all time favourites is a series about Bartholomew Bear – a little bear who is funny, emotional and naughty just like every other toddler. Short stories are brillantly illustrated by Virginia Miller – in very few pencil strokes she is able to portray little bear’s strong emotions – so well known to any parent of a toddler.

There are six books in this series (I list the best in our opinion at the beginnning):

  • Be gentle! – a story about little cat given to Bartholomew – any cat lover (any little child?) will love it
  • In a minute! – this was the last one we bought and – to my surprise – it occurred to be a classis Montessori story
  • Eat your dinner! – my children love to see what Ba makes with his dinner
  • Go to bed! – well known problem
  • On your potty!
  • I love you just the way you are

I haven’t found a source for new books so we bought used ones, but they are sturdy and came in very good condition. You can find them on Amazon. I recommend board books (they also come in form of one big standard book which is not so convenient).   Virginia Miller - Eat your Dinner
Virginia Miller “Eat your Dinner” (via)   Virginia Miller - Eat Your Dinner
Virginia Miller – Eat your Dinner   Virginia Miller - Be Gentle
Virginia Miller – Be Gentle   Virginia Miller - Be Gentle
Virginia Miller – Be Gentle

Writing this post I found out there is another (seek-and-find) book about Ba which we still don’t have – Where Is Little Black Kitten. As soon as we get it in our hands I’ll update this review!