Ariele Alasko – wood work

If you haven’t seen Ariele Alasko’s wood work yet, you definitely should! I must tell you I adore this girl. Whatever she put her hands on turns out beautifully…

She makes wide range of incredible big scale wood work – tables, headboards, wall panels and smaller stuff like cutting boards and wooden spoons. But if she needs something special (or her beloved dog or cat needs it), she just make it – a teepee for her dog and smaller one for cat, a sweater for her dog, hand printed chair upholstery, you name it…

Some new work which I love:

Ariele Alasko - new work

Wall made of eucalyptus leaves:

Ariele Alasko - eucalyptus leaf wall

Ariele Alasko - table

Ariele Alasko - wall panels

Ariele Alasko - table

Linen chair upholstery – designed and printed by Ariele:

Ariele Alasko - printed fabric linen upholstery

Ariele Alasko - new work

New work in progress:

Ariele Alasko - new work in progress

Ariele Alasko - table

Teepee for her dog and cat:

Ariele Alasko - teepee for dog

Ariele Alasko - teepee for cat and a leaf wall behind

Ariele Alasko - cutting board

Ariele Alasko - spoons

To see more of Ariele Alasko’s work visit her blog, website and follow her on Instagram – her feed is very inspiring! (all images via artist’s website and Instagram feed)


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