Minerals series (my paintings)

I’ve been working on mineral drawings / watercolor paintings series recently and I think it’s a good time to share them here. I’ve done 6 paintings and at this point my work started to evaluate in different direction, so I think I’m done with mineral watercolor paintings for this moment. I’ll share another version of these drawings next week. Here they are:

mapart.me:   Hanna Grochowska - Spodumene
Hanna Grochowska – Spodumene

mapart.me:   Hanna Grochowska - Opal
Hanna Grochowska – Opal

mapart.me:   Hanna Grochowska - Aegirine
Hanna Grochowska – Aegirine

mapart.me:   Hanna Grochowska - Clinoclase
Hanna Grochowska – Clinoclase

mapart.me:   Hanna Grochowska - Olivine (Peridot)
Hanna Grochowska – Olivine

mapart.me:   Hanna Grochowska - Vermiculite
Hanna Grochowska – Vermiculite

Prints of all paintings are available in my Etsy shop.


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