Abstract series I’m currently working on inspired by Crimea (Ukraine) landscape:

Hanna Grochowska - Crimea #1

Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #1


Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #2


Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #3


Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #4


Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #5


Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #6


Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #7


Hanna Grochowska – Crimea #8

An abstract series “Herds” I’ve been working on recently:


Hanna Grochowska – Herds #5


Hanna Grochowska – Herds #6


Hanna Grochowska – Herds #8

A few months ago I created a series of mineral drawings / paintings. Below you can see two of them. You’ll find all of them in this post.

mapart.me: Hanna Grochowska - Spodumene
Hanna Grochowska – Spodumene

mapart.me: Hanna Grochowska - Opal
Hanna Grochowska – Opal

Here is the first watercolor illustration in a new series I’m working on – my favourite recipes. Print is available in my Etsy shop.

mapart.me - Lemon Pickles


20×20 inch abstract acrylic painting

Available in my etsy shop.

“Everyday routes” illustration / map

Everyday routes map - version grey&redEveryday routes map - version black&pink

Available (for your own routes of course) on request. You can read project description here.



  1. Cool. I’ve done some similar stuff and I love to see what people are doing with maps.

  2. I love that painting “Warsaw”. I couldn’t buy anything just now but I see it is no longer available on Etsy – does that mean you sold it. If so, I’m not surprised.

  3. Thanks! It disappeared because I forgot to renew it in my etsy shop.

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