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I thought I won’t limit myself when there is so much beauty in nature and therefore this time I posted several images of Great Slave Lake and Marian Lake in Canada:   Canada, Great Slave Lakesource map   Canada, Great Slave Lakesource map   Canada, Marian Lakesource map   Canada, Great Slave Lakesource map   Canada, Marian Lakesource map   Canada, Marian Lakesource map


Child’s age: 3,5 years old +

Has your child ever been in this mood: “Mom, I’m bored…”? “Mom, I don’t have any interesting toys. I have nothing to do…” – ufff, that’s enough, I hate it. So here comes Makedo. It saved my sane recently.

So what is it?

It is VERY simple connector system to build anything you / your child want from what you have in your recycle bin. Simple, easy, quick and cheap.

There are three types of elements:

Makedo partsphoto via

  • Safe saw – it is really safe and it really works! You can cut cardboard with it easily; in fact much easier than with scissors. It also has a thorn to punch holes – very easy, safe and enjoyable activity for little ones.
  • Clips – they work as nails or screws
  • Locking hinge – you need two clips to mount a hinge; it can move freely or you can lock it.

What you need more? Content of your recycle bin (big cardboard box is very good base for building) and a few minutes of work. You can use:

  • cardboards
  • plastic plates and cups
  • any paper or plastic boxes
  • plastic bottles
  • pipes (my son’s favourite)

Here is a car we did within 10 minutes or so using a big cardboard box, 3 little fruit boxes, 5 plastic plates and a piece of string:

Our Makedo car

Now the first thing I hear in the morning is: “Mom, I need to repair my car” (i.e. add some more clips) and in the evening: “Mom, I need to transport a few bags of cement” (instead of “I’m bored”).

Why I love Makedo:

  • for open-ended play – this simple car fuelled my son’s imaginative play for many days
  • it is reusable – when my son is bored with his car I’ll simply take makedo parts away and put the rest in the recycle bin
  • quality is very good – it is really easy to build with it
  • children can build alone or with friends / family
  • we can use materials which we have at home, I do not need to buy anything (which is often a problem with other crafts)

Tips regarding child’s age:

If you have little children be prepared to create mostly by yourself. You can treat Makedo set as a good source of free toys available whenever you want. But whatever age your children are they can help you to: punch holes (my son loves it!), put clips in holes, put plugs on clips and cut a little bit.

What to buy:

Makedo goes in “Make Anything Kits” or “Guided Kits”. I recommend the first ones, as they do not limit children creativity. I bought “Kit For Three” because it contains 2 saws (when you lose saw there is no more play). I’ve seen they released sets of additional saws recently – probably a lot of people had this problem.

You can buy Makedo on, or directly from Makedo site (it’s Australia based company).

You can see Makedo gallery here.

If you are a food art lover like me you probably already have or would love to visit site. It’s a great source of illustrated recipes created by people from around the world. Here are some of my favourites.

All recipes are in this very wide format, so please take a second and click each of them to see in full size. Links to each of recipes in descriptions.

They Draw & Cook - Grilled Haloumi & Lemon by Nate Padavick

Grilled Haloumi & Lemon by Nate Padavick

They Draw & Cook - Linguine in Lemon Cream Sauce by Nazanin Kani

Linguine in Lemon Cream Sauce by Nazanin Kani

They Draw & Cook - Meet Kale by Ly Yeow

Meet Kale by Ly Yeow

They Draw & Cook - Ratatuille Pret a Portér by Gianna Grassi

Ratatuille Pret a Portér by Gianna Grassi

They Draw & Cook - Sicilian Eggs Involtini by Sarah Ferone

Sicilian Eggs Involtini by Sarah Ferone

They Draw & Cook - Super Salsa by Salli Swindell

Super Salsa by Salli Swindell

All photos via

I’ve spotted this lovely print on curate1k and visited Giardino Etsy shop to see if she has more food prints (which you know I love). I didn’t find many, but instead I found a lot of absolutely beautiful hand-printed fabrics! And the only thing I want to do now is learn how to do such beauties by myself! (one can dream :)

Giardino - Bird EggThis egg print stole my heart, probably beacause my husband brought us recently such lovely green, blue and brown guinea hen eggs from the fisherman he visited. They were so beautiful it was a pity to eat them…
Giardino - Polka Dot
Giardino - Harlequin Spatter See more…