Glass terrariums by ABJ Glassworks

Here in Europe spring is in the air! I have plants and light on my mind these day, so here is a perfect artist – Ashley Bram-Johnson from ABJ Glassworks studio based in Philadelphia, PA.

Working to create whimsical and modern pieces for the home using traditional stained glass techniques, and inspired by the nuances of light throughout the day and the changing of the seasons (source)

Here are some of terrariums and jewelry boxes by ABJ Glassworks:   ABJ glassworks - Terra Planter   ABJ glassworks - Atlas Planter   ABJ glassworks - Earth Terrarium Kit   ABJ glassworks - planters   ABJ glassworks - moss terrariums   ABJ glassworks - planter   ABJ glassworks - polaris pyramid   ABJ glassworks - square terrariums   ABJ glassworks - Teardrop Terrarium Kit   ABJ glassworks - terrarium kit   ABJ glassworks - terrariums   ABJ glassworks - Universe Terrarium Kit   ABJ glassworks - vega pyramid   ABJ glassworks - via Coral and Tusk   ABJ glassworks To see more artist’s works please visit her site or Etsy shop.


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