What’s on our bookshelves – Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy

Child’s age: 3,5 years +

It’s hard to start this post because there is so much to say about Aleksadra and Daniel Mizielińscy… We have five books illustrated by these young but already famous Polish illustrators and we love all of them!

I bought first book from Mamoko series more than a year ago but it was far too early for my then 2,5 years old son for it. What you need to know about Mamoko characters is they are not pretty. These creatures are a little bit strange, a little bit funny, very interesting but not pretty or sweet. Not at all.

By the way – “Mam oko” in Polish means “I have an eye” (exact translation) and describes quite well what these books are about – looking.

All books featured in this post except of “Maps” contains no (or almost no) texts so you can buy Polish or whatever language version you’ll find.

miasteczko_dawno temu Books pictured above are about Mamoko Town and Mamoko a Long Time Ago (my own translation ;). Each of them is big (more than A4 size) and contains 8 huge illustrations with a lot of characters and details on each of them. You can read each illustration separately or follow a story of each character pictured on following illustrations.

Next two books are much smaller (less than A5 size). The idea is to find the objects occuring on the page in the given number or beginning on the given letter. “Mam oko na liczby” is about numbers and the second one is about letters. Mamoko Letters features not only Polish words but also English and German. Both of them were eagerly read by my son, but I think the idea behind Mamoko Letters were a little bit too difficult for him – he didn’t catch the begginning letters well yet at this time.

Mizielińscy - Mamoko - Numbers Mizielińscy - Mamoko - Letters

And the biggest fascination at this moment – huge world atlas. We read it every single day since at least 2 months and my son doesn’t seem to be bored at all. These maps became starting point for many questions and discussions. As an extension we read other books describing how people around the world eat, live, work and play; I’ll feature them in another post.

This book is the only one containing texts in Polish, so if you consider buying it please find your lanuage version.

Mizielińscy - MapsMizielińscy - Maps (USA)via

Update: All books can be found on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. They have published several other books, like “H.O.U.S.E.” or “D.E.S.I.G.N.” for a little bit older children – I’ve just purchased a few of them and will describe them here as well.


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