Satellite maps – guess where

It was a little bit quiet here lately due to our holiday – guess where we were. A few tips:

  • many people believe this country is “totally flat with no interesting landscapes” (I thought this way, too) – which is totally not true
  • we drove there by car, so it’s not so far away from northern Poland
  • the photos below are from the region of a very big and well known lake   Hungary - Balaton area   Hungary - Balaton area   Hungary - Balaton area   Hungary - Balaton area   Hungary - Balaton areaIf the weather is fine we will leave for a few days with children (the mentioned trip was without children – hooray), so I’ll be back posting regularly on next Wednesday.

  1. nannus said:

    The landscape looks a lot like northern Germany (and I guess Northern Poland is very similar) and these are my favorite landscapes. The first descriptions seemed to hint at Denmark, but I have no idea which lake you mean, so I don’t know :-)

  2. mapartme said:

    More tips: look at the south direction. There is warmer and I guess drier than in Poland. This sand shows it very well I think.

  3. For anyone who is curious we were in Hungary – these photos are from area on the north of Balaton lake.

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