Family memory jar

I’m not very systematic person so I’m not good at recording our family memories. I still didn’t manage to prepare calendar with our children photos for this year… (even for the previous year) or create a photo book from elder son’s first year of life. But having two little children I realize that one day I’d love to sit down and remind myself the years when they were born, grew up, started preschool and so one.

One day I came across a “family memory jar” idea on Pinterest and that was it! All what you need is:

  • a big pretty jar
  • a piece of paper with year written on it

memory jar

If something important happens (child is born, travel, someone’s wedding, start of preschool, etc) you just put evidence of this event in your jar. For example in my jar I have:

  • a hospital bracelet which I got when I checked at hospital when my son was about to be born
  • tickets from our trip to Norway
  • skipass from our trip to south of Poland when L. was 1 year old
  • paper-cuts of holy Mary, Joseph and little Jesus from our first Nativity scene (made from L. toys, hamster’s house and paper)
  • envelope with L. hairs when first cut
  • invitation for my father’s wedding

You can also store in a jar funny things your children say written on scraps of paper or  souvenirs and photos from vacations – everything which is precious to you. A jar lets you put 3D objects otherwise difficult to attach to photo book or album and doesn’t require any planning and regularity – which is helpful!

memory jar - summer vacations


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