Ali Mitgutsch children books

My son’s age: 2 years old until now (3.5 years old)

Here are some of my son’s long time favourites – big board books illustrated by Ali Mitgutsch.

The first two books have 14 sturdy pages each (the last book has more), a little bigger than A4 sheet size. The illustrations have lot of details – funny, real-life and beautiful – which allows children to read these books over and over again. We bought them whem my son was 2 years old and now at the age of 3.5 years he still loves them. Thanks to great number of real-life scenes, people, animals, everyday objects, buildings and machines on every page they are very good books to learn talking.Ali Mitgutsch children books Ali Mitgutsch children booksAli Mitgutsch children booksThey are available on or You can buy them in whatever language you find them because they contain no or very little words. If you want to buy a few of them I would recommend buying books about specific topics (Stadt, Bergen, Lande/Dorf, Wasser), not the “collective” one like the last book pictured above – it contains some of illustrations from the first two books along with some new. Also I’ve seen two books with different cover but similar content (I guess it was “Bei Uns Im Dorf” and “Auf dem Lande”).

Here is interview with author (in German) – you can see his books in details there.


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