Montessori practical life – garden hose

My son’s age: 3 years and 5 months

If your children are like mine they probably love gardening. Especially watering with garden hose – it’s such a powerful, dangerous tool!

The problem with standard attachment for the end of the hose is the little child cannot open it (it’s not so bad) and close it (much worse) independently. In result watering sometimes ends up with putting hose on the lawn (unpredictable results, brrrr!) or crying “Mom, I can’t stop watering !!!”…

Fortunately, my brother bought something very simple, yet wonderful for little gardeners – spray pistol for a garden hose. Water goes as long as you keep a holder (or however it’s called – see the photo below). When you release it/put it on the lawn, it stops watering. Simple. No wet children, no cry :) I cannot recommend it enough for little gardeners!

Montessori practical life - a spray pistol on a garden hosePS Did you notice my ski jacket on the photo? It was taken three weeks ago – it how summer looks like in Europe ;)


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