Note to my readers:
This blog is mainly about ART but on Tuesday I’ll post about CHILDREN related topics – Montessori inspirations, diy, books and art for children. If you don’t have little children and/or are not interested in these topics just skip Tuesday posts and see you on Wednesday!

We’ve been on vacations last week. Visiting our friends in their beautiful home in the country, being lazy and doing nothing… As you probably guess lazy vacations are best vacations for children – in fact, they are the most creative and full or work ones :) Here are some photos:

M. is 14 months old, L. is 3 years and 5 months old.

collage1. M is walking up and down stairs – is there something like sensitive period for stairs? He literally does it all day round.

2. New toys – this one captured M.’s interest immediately

3. Hammering – I didn’t realize L. is able to hammer nails quite well!

4. More hammering…

collage 25. Three pairs of hands (and legs) working in the mud

6. Preparing snack

7. Watching horses

8. Evening

collage 3
9. Our friends’ home

10. On the way back our home


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