Montessori inspiration – opening & closing bottles activity

Child’s age: 14 months

Here is a very simple activity I’ve prepared for my 14 months old son. It is inspired by Montessori practical life exercises.

My son currently loves to open & close boxes, bottles and any other containers he can find + I was preparing for a few hours drive for our holiday – the result are these bottles with bound nuts so he won’t lose them somewhere in the car.

Montessori inspiration - open / close activityAll you need are a few clean, empty bottles with nuts, a piece of lace/string and a sharp knife.

– make o hole in the middle of a nut
– put a string there and make a knot, so the string won’t move away
– do the same in the bottle with the second end of string (don’t leave too long string)

Montessori inpiration - open / close activityFor more inspiration visit:
Montessori Monday


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